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Income Restricted Apartments

Qualifications to Living in these Buildings

On certain apartments income restrictions can apply. We encourage you to contact the leasing office to find the most up to date qualifications. Typically affordable housing projects are judged on two different tiers: 60% median family income (MFI) & 80% median family income (MFI). See the chart below for a quick estimate.

We have an awesome article on Finding Affordable Housing in the Pearl District, via our other site PearlHelp.

HUD Median Income Percentages (MFI), Fiscal 2011:

Household Size 60% MFI 80% MFI*
1 $29,940 $40,080
2 $34,200 $45,840
3 $38,460 $51,520
4 $42,720 $57,280
5 $46,140 $61,840
6 $49,560 N/A

Annual Income Figures

For more information about affordable housing in our area, visit Housing Connections.

*Typically 80% MFI apartments are priced higher than 60% MFI apartments.